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Operation Ministries

Decorations Ministry


The Decorations ministry helps to create a warm and inviting church atmosphere by offering their time, talents, and treasures to beautify the house of God. The Decorations ministry strives to make liturgical seasons and events come alive through the visual aids of color and design. Their creations can be seen in various areas of the church such as the foyer, sanctuary, hallways, café’, bookstore, and Victory Place Biblical Counseling Center. The ministry also supports various events throughout the year ranging from conferences to social events hosted at the church.

Divine Delights Café


The Divine Delights Café seeks to promote a sense of community and fellowship while providing a space for members and guest to fellowship, refresh and relax. The café is staffed entirely by volunteers who prepare and sell beverages, snacks and pastries each Sunday.

Food Ministry


The Food Ministry provides culinary support for church events and special occasions. The Food ministry seeks to assist the church and leadership for special events by catering to the whole body, including basic physical need to sustenance. Those who have a passion for cooking and serving are invited to volunteer with the ministry.

Growing in the Spirit Bookstore


The Growing in the Spirit Bookstore serves as a resource where digital and print media, event tickets and other religious items can be purchased. The bookstore is staffed entirely by volunteers each Sunday.

Media Ministry


The Media Ministry serves God and the church through the management of the audio and visual media experience during the worship service and church events. The Media ministry not only provides the technical support needed for the worship experience, but they also enable St. John to reach a broader audience outside of the four walls of the church using internet platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Those with a strong background in audio, visual and media management or desire to learn are encouraged to join the ministry.

Traffic Ministry


On any given Sunday, the members of the Traffic Ministry are the first faces to greet SJC families and visitors upon arrival on our campuses. The Traffic Ministry serves God and the church by providing parking support and traffic control. In addition to weekly services, the Traffic Ministry may also provide support during special events and services.

Transportation Ministry


The Transportation ministry is purposed to provide safe and convenient mode of travel for members and guests to travel between campuses and other locations. With the support of the Transportation ministry, ministries are able to go beyond the four walls of the church and into the community. Additionally, this ministry makes it possible for various groups such as our senior members and youth to participate in external events and outings. Additionally, services are provided the Transportation ministry provides support to neighboring churches and organization. Those who are licensed CDL drivers are encouraged to join the ministry.

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